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River Surfers.

What started as a group of river surfers doing everything it takes to build a surf wave in the mountains has now grown to a start to finish wave building and design firm.  We also know that waves aren’t a stand alone thing. Where there are river waves there is river surfing community.  We’ve seen a lot in our decade of river surfing adventures and now it’s time to share our experiences with the world. If you are looking to build a wave or build community we have the tools you need to do it.

Website Currently Under Construction

Please excuse the lack of content, Surf Anywhere is currently undergoing a brand refresh to better suit the needs of our community. We are entering into a new era of river surfing and Surf Anywhere as a company needs to keep up. Surf Anywhere from day one has always shared resources with river surfers. The resources you have seen on our website are down at the moment but contact us directly: info@surfanywhere.ca

Completed Projects



Surf Anywhere was contracted to provide the wave concept design to create a surf wave at Bend Whitewater Park. The wave was created from an under performing feature. The resulting wave is an excellent surfing feature.

Services Provided

• Analysis of existing feature
• Wave concept design to transform existing feature into surf wave
• Detailed examples of existing waves
• Design goals
• Explaining the plan to the local river surfing community

Wave Details

Wave Quality: Glassy, steep, wide surf wave
Characteristics: Shallow water over kicker making deep wave
Width: 40’  (12m)
Wave Height: 3’ (1m)
Flow Range: 200 to 1000+ cfs  (5 to 30 cms)
Adjustable: Yes. Hydraulic adjustment of steel plates when flow is on or off.

Comments on Services

“You were instrumental in communicating the design goals, providing examples, and suggesting design modifications.” – Jason Carey, River Restoration – Hydraulic Engineer for Bend Whitewater Park

“Thank you so much, you guys have made a lot of people really happy around here!” – Bend Surf Park Alliance



Surf Anywhere designed and built this feature for the Alberta River Surfing Association. This wave was created from a flat river section. This feature is part of the Surf Anywhere Wave Lab where we test different wave designs at full scale. This river shuts off to almost no flow daily (< 30 cfs / < 1 cms).

Services Provided

• Wave design, engineering and construction
• Access and egress design and construction
• Spectator area design and construction
• Project management
• Permitting
• Fundraising
• Wave tweaking

Wave Details

Wave Quality: Glassy, steep, fast surf wave
Characteristics: Thick ow into pool above deep shaped bottom
Width: 15’ (5m)
Wave Height: 3’ (1m)
Flow Range: 700 to 1300+ cfs (20 to 36 cms)
Adjustable: Yes. Manual adjustment when flow is off. Flow is off daily.

Comments on Services

“This is the best wave ever on the river!” – river users (let’s pull survey data for a better quote and a name)

“Thank you for creating such a good wave and such an amazing surf community!” – Alberta River Surfing Association

Brandýs nad Labem

Czech Republic

Surf Anywhere provided design and wave concept assistance to the surfers building this wave. The resulting wave was the first constructed river wave in Czech Republic, created a local surf scene and it was completed for an incredibly low total project cost.

Services Provided

• Wave design and construction detail assistance
• Troubleshooting construction issues
• Education on wave fundamentals

Wave Details

Wave Quality: Smooth wave in limited space
Characteristics: Low and shallow ow into pool
Width: 6’(2m)
Wave Height: 1.5’ (0.5 m)
Flow Range: 350 cfs (10 cms)
Adjustable: Yes. Some manual adjustment when flow is off.

Comments on Services

“Thank you for your help and advice! You are part of our team” Honza Marsik, Local Project Lead and Wave Builder

Services & Approach

Surf Anywhere is a Wave Design and River Surfing consultation firm. We improve wave performance and increase the return on investment while reducing project costs. We provide information and direction on all aspects of creating successful and safe river surfing waves and vibrant communities. Our mission is to bring successful river surfing waves and all the bene ts to communities around the world.

Surf Anywhere was born out of the need for the Alberta River Surfing Association (ARSA) to have a world class wave. This quest quickly turned into a project to improve the world. The local Kananaskis River is dam operated and turns off daily creating the unique and ideal location to test new wave designs and share that information with the world.

Our successful approach to wave building is:

  1. Seek out river developments
  2. Identify surf wave opportunities
  3. Partner with development team including the city, any existing planning and engineering and construction rms and the local surfing community (Partnership can happen at any stage of the process).
  4. Provide detailed and valuable direction on all aspects of the river wave and infrastructure construction and community development while minimizing costs
  5. Create great and successful new waves and improve underperforming features. Surf Anywhere creates river sur ng as a draw for any white water park or river development. Building a world class wave generates endless surf tourism and a huge bump in local culture.

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Meet the Founders

Neil Egsgard

Principal, Wave Designer, Wave Builder and Government Liaison

Neil Egsgard founded Surf Anywhere in 2008 and handles wave building & design, grant applications, construction approval applications, association creation & maintenance, safety information creation, surfer data collection and raising political support.  Neil started river surfing in 2005 and has travelled around the world researching wave building & surfing river waves.  Neil has been building river waves and working in rivers since 2006.  In 2006, Neil founded the Alberta River Surfing Association, one of the first river surfing associations and a model which many associations followed.  Neil also spent a decade developing and running the very successful western Canadian region of a canadian submetering company.

Jacob Kelly Quinlan

Director of Communications and Culture

Jacob Kelly founded Surf Anywhere in 2008 and directs communications, media creation, fundraising, promotions, community management and has run a successful lessons and gear sales startup. Jacob is passing the torch for local business to concentrate on the international efforts of Surf Anywhere but still offers lots of coaching and development for surf lessons and event planning. Jacob has been river surfing since 2005 and is on his way to surfing over 100 river waves.  Jacob is part of a network of river surfing’s great pioneers, community leaders, wave engineers, athletes and business owners.  This network shares information on all things river surfing and can offer a lot of insights to any project.

Community drives us.

Try reaching out and starting the conversation.  Whether you’re on your own, landlocked and surf stoked or you’re halfway through building a wave we’re hear to listen.

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