Bend Whitewater Park

Surf Anywhere was contracted to provide the design details needed to to create a surf wave at Bend Whitewater Park. The wave was created from an under performing feature. The resulting wave is major Bend highlight and the best manufactured river surfing in the world wave as of 2017.

Services Provided
• Analysis of existing feature
• Wave design details to transform existing feature into surf wave
• Detailed examples of existing waves and why they work
• Design and construction goals
• Explaining the plan to the local river surfing community

Wave Details
Wave Quality: Glassy, steep, wide surf wave
Characteristics: Shallow water over kicker making deep wave
Width: 40’  (12m)
Wave Height: 3.5’- 5′ (1m to 1.5m)
Flow Range: 400 to 1200+ cfs  (10 to 34+ cms)
Adjustable: Yes. Pneumatic adjustment of steel plates when flow is on or off.

Comments on Services

“You were instrumental in communicating the design goals, providing examples, and suggesting design modifications.” – Jason Carey, River Restoration – Hydraulic Engineer for Bend Whitewater Park

“Thank you so much, you guys have made a lot of people really happy around here!” – Bend Surf Park Alliance