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Builds Waves

Surf Anywhere adds wave building and surfing expertise to any wave project team. The job is only finished when the wave is excellent and the local community is happy.

Surf Anywhere consults on building world class river surfing waves and provides river surfing services including:

  • Feasibility studies and concept designs
  • Improving and/or salvaging waves on any river wave project
  • Adjustable river feature consultation
  • Risk reduction
  • Permitting
  • Post construction river wave improvements
  • Community support and creation
  • Surfside enhancements
  • Development of best safety and best use practices
  • Economic impact and cultural impact analysis
  • Maximizing cultural and economic returns on existing waves

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Waves is Great

But Making Great Waves Takes a Little Help

There are many different kinds of river users out there. These rivers users will say the same words, such as “wave”, but have completely different meanings. To get the best results for your surf waves, choose wave building partners that surf and have experience building surf waves.

How are River Surf waves formed?
Waves are formed when water properly flows over a drop in the river bed.  The shape, style and quality of the waves are controlled by the contours of the river bottom and a number of other factors. Properly built, the water gains speed and energy from the drop and releases the energy in the form of a wave. In one location, many different waves are possible for different users.

Can Surf Waves be used by other user groups?
Yes, properly built surf waves are enjoyed by surfers, stand-up paddlers, kayakers, rafters, body boards, body surfers and spectators.

Are River Waves Adjustable?
Including adjustable components into the wave allows the feature to be dramatically changed from an excellent surfing wave to kayaking only feature and even making the feature disappear.

How many days a year can the wave be used?
Waves can work for most of the year.  River waves form under a specific range of river flows. If your flows are very consistent then the wave will work for most or all of the year. If your flows change a lot then you can include adjustable components so your wave will be surfable for most of the year.

How We Help


To help cities and municipalities we:

  • Create an excellent and lasting athletic, cultural and economic resource for your city
  • Provide community programming, best safety practices and best use practices
  • Design and build turnkey sustainable river surfing waves
  • Salvage or improve any river projects
  • Generate economic, cultural and environmental stimulus
  • Maximize cultural and economic return on investment from completed waves
  • Make your city into a surf destination
  • Review your wave project and provide detailed commentary and instructions on how to improve the project

Surf Communities

To help surf communities we:

  • Train surfers on how to identify good potential wave locations
  • Instruct how to form a lasting and positive community
  • Increase the success of your wave project while reducing project timeframe
  • Help with local fundraisers and grant applications
  • Pass on our crafted river surfing lessons curriculum
  • Provide details on safety and etiquette
  • Review and comment on river wave projects to ensure they will be good for surfers

Engineering Consultants

To help engineering consultants we:

  • Provide precise technical details on how to build the best surf wave in your location
  • Review project specifications & plans and provide detailed river surfing specific feedback that will improve your project
  • Salvage and improve under performing river wave projects or add a wave to any existing river project
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Feasibility Study & Concept Design

The first step in all wave building projects, this in-depth report defines what is possible in your river, outlines the build process and suggests the best wave design.

The Feasibility Study details the critical components and issues regarding the waves and provides a path for the project from start to finish. The study will identify and suggest solutions to major issues such as aquatic habit, navigation and environmental concerns.

The Concept Design shows the wave features in place so anyone can understand the project. Together these are your key to proposing the project to interested parties.

Wave Design
and Building

Surf Anywhere has been consulting on wave design and builds around the world for over a decade.  We support projects from the initial concept through construction and commissioning.

Surf Anywhere is constantly researching and sharing better wave design. What is available to surfers now is just scratching the surface of what is possible.

One of Surf Anywhere’s most noteworthy projects is the world’s first “by surfers for surfers” river wave in Kananaskis, Alberta.

Supported purely by community fundraising and government grants the project was the first to prove that a community with enough passion and stoke can build a great wave from start to finish.  This has proven surf communities can build waves.  Community driven wave building is the future.

© Robert Bishop

Improving & Salvaging Waves

We believe in creating more and better river surfing waves.  We can partner with the wave team on existing projects to improve waves.

Surf Anywhere has been called in to create amazing waves at under performing whitewater parks.  Surf Anywhere can review your project to ensure the best possible river surfing waves.

One of our great successes is the Bend Whitewater Park Surf Wave.  Surf Anywhere provided critical design guidance and detailed information that transformed the feature from nothing into one of the largest and best manufactured river surfing wave in the world.

Adjustable River Features

Having adjustability allows the construction of river waves that have no impact on flood risks.

Adjustable river waves are very important. Being able to change the wave shape dramatically increases the range of usable flows for a river wave.  Surf Anywhere continually works at improving adjustable designs and creating new waves.


Permitting is the process of identifying and achieving the variety of approvals needed for a river wave project to proceed.

The permit requirements can vary significantly from region to region. Permitting slows projects down and puts up roadblocks for a community pursuing a wave build. Surf Anywhere has extensive experience researching and working through the permitting process in different places.  Surf Anywhere can help you navigate and satisfy all permitting requirements.

Hydraulic Modelling

Good modelling helps avoids problems before they happen and reduce project costs.

Modelling predicts how the river will react to the planned river bottom and bank changes. Surf Anywhere has complete years of computer and physical modelling as part of research and wave projects. Surf Anywhere can support and improve the modelling for your river wave project.


Surf Anywhere can reduce the risks at your wave through design, education, community practices and signage.

Surfing waves can be low risk and low impact recreation for people of all ages. Surf Anywhere is dedicated to developing best practices for safety in river surfing. We provide detailed and custom signage to encourage low risk usage. We educate communities, governments and others on river surfing safety. Surf Anywhere believes in data driven decisions and so we created & maintain the River Surfing Accident & Incident Database to provide a public resource on river surfing dangers.

Building Community

Surf Anywhere helps surfers create strong, lasting and effective organizations that improve wave quality and reduce the project time. The local surf community is critical to making good waves.  The community builds support, raises funds and ensures good waves are built.

Who starts River Surfing Associations (RSAs)?
River surfing associations are formed by local surfers looking to build new waves or improve existing waves.

How are River Surfing Associations formed?
RSAs are formed by a handful of surfers getting together, deciding on their mission and filing some paperwork.

Where Do I find more information on RSAs?
We have a community section of our website dedicated to information on RSAs.

Other Services

Surf Anywhere offers a variety of other services to improve both planned and existing river surfing waves.  We are happy to discuss your waves and talk about how to create a better experience for you community.

More From Our Body of Work

For over 10 years river surfing has been our passion. We have built waves, shared presentations with the world, made friends and did our part to make the world a better place.  There is no limit on a dedicated group of individuals committed to doing what they love.

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    Surf Cambridge (CA)

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  • River Surf Summit 2017

    River Surf Summit 2017

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  • North American Championships (NACs)

    North American Championships (NACs)

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  • Safety Signage

    Safety Signage

    Community Building, Safety Development

  • 10 St. Surf Improvements

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