The Mountain Wave (2014)

Kananaskis, AB, Canada

In 2014, Surf Anywhere designed and built this feature for the Alberta River Surfing Association. This wave was created from a flat river section. This feature is part of the Surf Anywhere Wave Lab where we test different wave designs at full scale. This river shuts off to almost no flow daily (< 30 cfs / < 1 cms).

Services Provided

  • Wave design, engineering and construction
  • Access and egress design and construction
  • Spectator area design and construction
  • Hydraulic modelling
  • Environmental protections
  • Material and equipment sourcing
  • Project management
  • Permitting
  • Fundraising
  • Wave tweaking

Wave Details
Wave Quality: Glassy, steep, fast surf wave
Characteristics: Thick floow into pool above deep shaped bottom
Width: 15’ (5m)
Wave Height: 3’ (1m)
Flow Range: 700 to 1300+ cfs (20 to 36 cms)
Adjustable: Yes. Manual adjustment when flow is off. Flow is off daily.

Comments on Services

“This is the best wave ever on the river!” – From 2016 Alberta River Surfer Survey

“Thank you for creating such a good wave and such an amazing surf community!” – Alberta River Surfing Association


Thanks to Rob Bishop for all his help with the building the community and providing us with this beautiful media. Check out his photography website.