Vlna pod Zámkem Wave

Brandýs nad Labem, Czech Republic

Surf Anywhere provided design and wave concept assistance to the surfers building this wave. The resulting wave was the first constructed river wave in Czech Republic, created a local surf scene and it was completed for an incredibly low total project cost.

Services Provided
• Wave design and construction detail assistance
• Troubleshooting construction issues
• Education on wave fundamentals

Wave Details
Wave Quality: Smooth wave in limited space
Characteristics: Low and shallow ow into pool
Width: 6’(2m)
Wave Height: 1.5’ (0.5 m)
Flow Range: 350 cfs (10 cms)
Adjustable: Yes. Some manual adjustment when flow is off.


Comments on Services

“Thank you for your help and advice! You are part of our team” Honza Marsik, Local Project Lead and Wave Builder