Slam Festival 2018

Surf Anywhere work with the Alberta River Surfing Association and Quiksilver to create Slam Festival 2018 to raise broad based awareness, support and funding for the Calgary 10th Street Urban Beach and Surf Wave Project.  Surf Anywhere created events, arranged permitting and permissions, created media and creative, managed events and a did lot more.

Slam Festival Summary
Slam is a one of a kind surf festival in the Rocky Mountains. It features events filled with music, art, river surfing, skate and surf culture. Our surf festival is built on a 12 year history of the Alberta River Surfing Association & Surf Anywhere hosting an annual surf slam in the mountains. It is now the longest running of its kind.

This year Slam will be bigger and more bad ass then ever. Partners like QuiksilverBass BussBig Winter ClassicBig Rock Beer, and Red Bull have been helping us bring even more surf vibes to Calgary’s mountain loving, art creating, concrete skating, rockin community. If you haven’t heard of Slam be sure to check out the events page and go through the lineup for 2018.

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