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River Surfers

By working together we can build more great waves faster and improve river surfing for everyone.

Surf Anywhere provides extensive resources to river surfers make them more effective at improving their river surfing lives.  These resources include:

  • Economic impact of river surf waves and whitewater parks
  • Public & government education material on surfing
  • How-To guides on organizing your surf community
  • Fundraising details
  • Instructions on how to identify good wave locations
  • Sample by-laws and other key documents for river surfing associations
  • Reports on social / economic / environmental benefits of surf waves
  • Safety best practices
  • And more

We are constantly increasing our library of resources to make river surfers more effective and to improve all our river surfing lives.  Contact us for information on any of the resources, to help create more valuable resources or to get help on your river surfing issues.

Below is a partial list of resources available through Surf Anywhere.  We are always producing more resources as we work with river surfing communities around the world and help them improve their surfing lives.  We are working on providing these resources in other languages.

If you would like to use the resources or have questions, please contact us.


Economic Impacts of River Surfing Waves and Whitewater Parks
Summaries of a wide range studies on the economic impacts of river surfing, river surfing waves and whitewater parks.  River surfing waves can have big positive economic impacts.

Finding a Good Location to Build a River Wave
To build a good river surfing wave you need a good location. A really good spot for a wave has the river conditions required to make a good wave and it will receive lots of public support. A bad spot means a wave will be impossible to build either due to river conditions or strong resistance. This article details what makes a good river surfing spot and provides some tools for finding them.

Initial Questions for Potential Wave Build
A list of questions that help us determine if the spot you selected is good for a river wave.

Talking Points about River Surfing Wave Building
Many of the same concerns and questions come up every time a community engages in a wave building project.  This document provides some good and simple information that will help educate people and avoid or overcome their concerns.

Let’s Make Waves
A beautiful booklet for communicating with governments, communities and potential supporters.  The booklet provides an introduction to river surfing, river surfing culture, the various benefits, how waves are built and how Surf Anywhere helps build waves and communities.

River Surfing Waves Improving Fish Habitat and Allowing Fish Passage & Boat Passage
This is an overview on the opportunities and concerns related fish habitat, fish passage and boater passage when constructing new river surfing waves. The comments draw on the referenced studies of fish passages and recreational waterparks, extensive review & testing of existing river surfing waves and a long history of building great river surfing waves in rivers.

Bring Surfing Home Video
This video is a call out to build local river surfing waves and a great introduction to river surfing around the world.


Why Form a River Surfing Association
Information on what is a River Surfing Association (RSA) and the benefits of creating one.

Wave Building Action Plan for River Surfing Associations
To build a river surfing wave the local river surfing community needs to build public support, raise funds, convince local government to build and always push for the project to have good river surfing waves. This draft documents provides an action plan for River Surfing Associations taking the group from the dream of a wave to surfing their wave.

Fundraising and Support Building for River Surfing Associations
This draft documents provides details of a variety of events that any River Surfing Association can use to build community strength, raise funds and build broader support.

Example River Surfing Association By-Laws
By-laws are the rules that govern how a group functions.  These example by-laws are from an existing river surfing association.  Each region will have their own government requirements regarding their by-laws and these by-laws will need to be adjusted to meet those requirements.

Example Conflict of Interest Policy
Conflict of Interest policies are often required when forming a organization.  This is an example policy from an existing river surfing association.  Each region will have their own government requirements regarding conflicts of interest and this policy will need to be adjusted to meet those requirements.

River Surfing Association Website
We are able to provide the framework for a River Surfing Association website.  The layout offered is already in use by a river surfing association.  The layout includes general river surfing information, river surfing safety details, equipment details, automatically updating flow information, governance details and more.


River Surfer Survey Results
These are the results numerous river surfer surveys done in a variety of surf communities.  The surfers include standard demographic information and what the surfers in each community want.  All survey data is anonymous.

Hazards, Safety Gear & Other Safety Resources
This document details the common river surfing hazards, explains common surf gear and provides links to other safety resources.

More From Our Body of Work

For over 10 years river surfing has been our passion. We have built waves, shared presentations with the world, made friends and did our part to make the world a better place.  There is no limit on a dedicated group of individuals committed to doing what they love.

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