Kayak wave research

The 90+ page Kayak wave research report by Surf Anywhere details results from the kayak wave research project for the Alberta Whitewater Association (AlbertaWhitewater.ca). The project was a partnership between the Alberta Whitewater Association, Surf Anywhere, University of Ottawa, the Alberta River Surfing Association, and MITACS. The project examined how the multi adjustable kicker system can be used to create ideal kayak waves. Two wave structure types were examined: flat bottom and ramp. Both structures were able to create a variety of good kayak features under a wide range of conditions. The report provides general guidance for designing good adjustable kayak waves at any location and specific guidance for designing a kayak / surf wave in the Kananaskis whitewater park and Harvie Passage whitewater park.

These kayak wave research results combined with our river surf wave research demonstrate that a single simple system can make excellent kayak and surf waves. Surf Anywhere’s multi adjustable kicker system is open source and can be applied to new and existing river waves anywhere.

This post is part of Surf Anywhere’s creation of public wave building knowledge. The purpose of this knowledge is to make river wave building easier and to improve wave quality. An overview of the research is at SurfAnywhere.ca/wave-research.

Link to the Kayak wave research report